Calling all Seniors!

If you don't have your senior pictures done you might want to start thinking about getting that on the calendar.  This is the perfect time of year to get them done.  Some people like to take them at the beginning of their senior year of high school.  But honestly, doing them now gives you time to get them out for Graduation and leaves you remembering how you looked at the end of your senior year.  Yes, I said end, it's rapidly approaching.  We all know how infectious Senioritis can be.  You are looking forward to the next, new exciting time in life.  Just don't forget to enjoy these last few months of your high school years.  And don't forget to book your Senior Session.  Let's go have some fun.


Giving a little back!

I've had a few requests for donations the past few weeks.  And I have to say with the things I've been blessed with in my life, I love when I am able to give a little back.  So I did a mini shoot with this adorable young lady to a picture for a display for Gilbert High Schools Marching Band fundraiser.  They band was picked to go back to D.C. this summer to be part of a parade.  They are raising money to make the trip.  Last night they held a large fundraising event, I can't wait to hear how well they did!

Familiar face to my blog, the beautiful Jess!

I honestly think that it would be HARD to take a bad picture of this girl!  Look at her.  Jess isn't new to my blog, my camera begged me to shoot this stunning beauty again :)  YEP, my camera has a say sometimes ;)  I can't say much about Jess that the camera doesn't portray.  Talk about a girl that keeps things light and fun!  He bubbly and happy personality is infectious.  I wish I was a few (OK so more than a few) years younger so I could hang out with this girl.  I have a feeling fun follows her around!


You know those people you meet in life that are just stunningly beautiful?  And yes, it's OK for a girl to think another girl is absolutely stunning.  Well, I love it when I meet someone that is not only stunningly beautiful on the outside, but one that is just as beautiful on the inside.  I had so much fun with Kaitlyn on this shoot.  She was up for anything!  As you can see here with her laying on a loading dock!  This girl kept me laughing for sure.  I love the way these pictures turned out!  Thank you Kaitlyn for such a fun afternoon.  We must do it again!


A love affair with Old things!

 I love it when I have people that are creative and fun with what they want with family pictures.  This had to be one of my favorite shoots in a very long time.  I LOVE old things, old houses, old cars, old furniture, old is beautiful.   This adorable family asked if we could use an antique VW bus in their family photos, FUN!  I was more than excited at the request.  Then when they asked if we could do them in the desert, not so excited about that.  I was a bit worried about doing a full sun shoot.  It was something that was a little bit new, but turned out to be so fun and gave me the ability to think outside the box a bit for me.  

I have to say that I absolutely love the way these pictures turned out.  If you couldn't tell, mom has great taste and an artistic eye herself.  She put the outfits together on her own!   Don't you love them?  I do!! 


Beauty should never be only Skin deep!

Shooting high school seniors are one of my favorite things to shoot.  They have so much fun with it and are willing to be just a little more daring in what they will do and what they will wear in the shoot.  Sometimes they will even ask to try things that I just might not think of.  

For the most part the girls enjoy the Senior session more than their male counterparts.  They spend more time prepping and are overall more excited to be there.  
It really is so refreshing when you meet a young women that is just adorable on the surface, but that is just as amazing on the inside.  It's always so fun for me to spend time getting to know each of the seniors that I have the privilege of working with.  They really are so much fun!  They view things in such a different way than a old "foggie" like myself. I love knowing that they have this vast future ahead of them for the taking.  Life really is just beginning to get "good"!   
This beautiful girl was so fun to shoot.  She is just as adorable on the inside as she is on the out.  I spoke with her on and off many times before her session.  By the time I really got to meet her I felt as though I already knew her.  I hoped to capture her warm, welcoming, outgoing spirit.  


The STUNNING miss Jess.

Having attractive subjects in front of your camera will always make a photographers job seem just that much easier.  But what you can't see through a photo is what a stunningly beautiful person someone is.  I think that beauty is so much more than a pretty face.  It's about who you are when someone isn't looking, it's how you treat people, how you act and the emotions you exude.  

 It's not all that clear to me if you can get from these photos what a beautiful girl Jess is.  It was so much fun to shoot her. She was up for everything, even laying on the ground in the dirt, as long as she wasn't asked to drag herself through it.  A girl has to have limits!  :)

She makes it look so easy to be this stunning.  I do have to admit that she made it that much easier on me.  Nothing you'll hear me complain about.


Not just a handsome face- High School Senior

I love it when I meet young people that give me hope for the future.  Don't get me wrong, I have a very special place for the youth of America.  I look at what they are facing for the future and I feel for them and honestly, at times I fear for them.  I wonder what our world will be like for them.  What challenges will they face.  Will there be peace in our future or will they have to deal with the stressors of the past?

The fact that I myself am a mother makes me fear for the teens and younger children of the world.  So when I meet a young man like this one, I can't help but have extreme hope for what will be.  This is one of those all around great kids.  Smart, motivated, kind, funny, outgoing, and just plain easy to be around.  He is sure of himself, and can easily converse with an "old"er person like myself.  

After spending very little time with him it was clear that he has a very bright future.  It was also evident that he would be one of those that will in someway make the world a better place for others as well.  
I really hope that his mother has the chance to see this blog post.  If she didn't already know that she has done an outstanding job with this young man, I would want her to know that all her work SHOWS~  


Look at this sugar!

Everyone loves an adorable baby.  I am no different.  Snuggling a precious little thing like this one just makes my day.  There is nothing so yummy as the way a newborn smells.  The cooing, the snuggling, the oh so baby soft skin.  
 I was very honored to be blessed to be the one to take her newborn shots.  Her mother is one of my husbands closest childhood friends. I love how life can come full circle.  It was amazing to see her mom just light up as a new mom.  This little gift has already made her parents so happy.  


Senior Style

I just love it when I get a phone call for a High School Sr.  Being a Sr. in HS is one of the best times in life.  I am so amazingly blessed that I get the chance to actually help preserve these moments in photographs.  

 It's hard not to have fun when you are around a high school senior.  Life is really just spread out in front of them ready for them to experience.  This sugar was super fun.  
 I'm not sure who had more fun.  I do know that we both laughed a lot!  Have I mentioned lately how lucky I am to work a job that I absolutely adore?  I mean what other job can you go out in alleys and have so much fun without doing something questionable?