Nice Change of Pace

I've been shooting a lot of families with young children in the past few months.  So when these family friends contacted me about doing a shoot I was very excited.  It's not that I don't LOVE to shoot young families, because I do.  Yet sometimes it's really fun to have a change of pace and shoot people that follow directions, that I don't have to bribe for smiles (yeah, I'm not above bribery at all).  

 When I met this family this beautiful young women was just a little girl.  It's crazy to think how quickly time goes by.  She is so spunky, fun, and has the most infections smile.
When it came to her brother, it was just a little harder to pull out that natural, relaxed smile.  But I think I captured him pretty well.   

What parent doesn't want pictures to remember that they don't ALWAYS pick on each other?

Can you believe these BLUE EYES?

Facebook is such an amazing thing.  It's helped me to re-connect with so, so many friends from my past.  I was lucky enough to find this friend from High School a few years back.  She contacted me and wanted to get some pictures of her little ones just to document this time in life.  They each had just had a birthday.

I was so impressed with how well behaved they all were.  It was such a fun, light, hearted shoot.  You can tell this family really loves to be together.  

After mom saw the proofs she said to me, "I can't believe you made my kids look so angelic!"  All I could think was, THEY ARE!  

A run for my money!

These twin boys sure did give me a run for my money.  I'm not really sure how mom keeps up with them.  Not only are they full of energy and fun, they look EXACTLY alike.  I had the hardest time trying to get them straight.  

You wouldn't think it would be so hard to distinguish between two super, ubber, cute little boys.  Maybe it was because they were so fun to watch with their own little adorable little bond between them.
 Of course then there was this adorable little princess that just stole my heart as well.  I mean how can you not just melt with those big, beautiful, brown eyes?  They just jump out and demand your attention.  She is just as adorable on the inside.  I loved strolling down the pathways with her by my side, every now and then having her reach up and grab my hand to hold.  I love it when the kids I shoot have as much fun as I am. 

This last shot is more of what the whole shoot was like.  They had no intention of making things easy on me.  I had to work hard for every shot I got.  But oh how fun it was!!!  Thanks O family.