Looking good Lauren

I can't help but look at these pictures and think of the the song, Isn't she lovely! This young women was so, super fun to shoot. I may have had as much fun taking her High School Sr pics as she did having them taken. I've known Lauren for a few years now and I was so honored when she choose me to take her pictures. As you can see she made my job a bit easier. She really is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the out!

Moore Bags please! I sure want one.

I am always on the lookout to learn new things from other photographers. I am constantly checking out other peoples sites trying to get a new perspective or to learn from others that are better than I. In those searches sometimes I am lead in a completely different direction while I snoop out other sites. Today was no different. I was doing some research on new ways to edit some of my pictures to get "different" looks. And I found just about the coolest bag, EVER! Ok well if you are a photographer that is. But really, this bag has ALL kinds of uses. You have to check it out. This chick is brilliant. She must be a mother too!
The bag is called a Kelly Bag! I am in awe of her. Now that is what I call a smart lady. For anyone that knows me very well, I myself am not really all that into bags. I mean the trendy type of bags that is. But this one, this is THE BAG I have to have. Now all I have to do is PICK a color. They really are just perfect bags for a photographer. HINT HINT! I hope you check it out, at least for fun. Or at least to get into my head a little and see how addicted to photography I am. :) Check it out here.