Can't help myself-love the tutus

There is something about a little girl in a Tutu!  How cute is she?  This little girl was so fun.  She is so young and yet so advanced with her crawling and standing.  I had so much fun with her.


Why are baby feet so Sweet?

There really is nothing better than baby feet.  I added some action to this photo as well and just had to share.

Taking Action!

Original Photo untouched
So I've been taking action!  I've learned a few new tricks on Photoshop and I'm in love.  The following photos have different actions on them.  An Action is a series of adjustments that bring out different things in a picture to add a "pop" or a change in Hue or tint.  Basically it changes the "feel".  I've tried to explain it to a few friends but figured I'd just show  a few different photos that were obviously taken at the same time in the same spot but I've run different actions on.  FUN!  I have my own favorites that's for sure.

The following photos all have been edited in some way with an action!  I love them!