The STUNNING miss Jess.

Having attractive subjects in front of your camera will always make a photographers job seem just that much easier.  But what you can't see through a photo is what a stunningly beautiful person someone is.  I think that beauty is so much more than a pretty face.  It's about who you are when someone isn't looking, it's how you treat people, how you act and the emotions you exude.  

 It's not all that clear to me if you can get from these photos what a beautiful girl Jess is.  It was so much fun to shoot her. She was up for everything, even laying on the ground in the dirt, as long as she wasn't asked to drag herself through it.  A girl has to have limits!  :)

She makes it look so easy to be this stunning.  I do have to admit that she made it that much easier on me.  Nothing you'll hear me complain about.

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