Not just a handsome face- High School Senior

I love it when I meet young people that give me hope for the future.  Don't get me wrong, I have a very special place for the youth of America.  I look at what they are facing for the future and I feel for them and honestly, at times I fear for them.  I wonder what our world will be like for them.  What challenges will they face.  Will there be peace in our future or will they have to deal with the stressors of the past?

The fact that I myself am a mother makes me fear for the teens and younger children of the world.  So when I meet a young man like this one, I can't help but have extreme hope for what will be.  This is one of those all around great kids.  Smart, motivated, kind, funny, outgoing, and just plain easy to be around.  He is sure of himself, and can easily converse with an "old"er person like myself.  

After spending very little time with him it was clear that he has a very bright future.  It was also evident that he would be one of those that will in someway make the world a better place for others as well.  
I really hope that his mother has the chance to see this blog post.  If she didn't already know that she has done an outstanding job with this young man, I would want her to know that all her work SHOWS~  

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