One totally fun family!

This family is just amazing. The mother and I have become fast friends. They are such an example on how a family should be. These boys adore her! They were up for just about anything. We were scaling walls and on a private golf course. Anytime there was an obstacle that "mom" needed to go over three male hands popped out to help her. You can see the love in this family. The have so much fun being together and it really shows. I had so much fun with our early morning shoot. Even though I felt horrible with a cold. They made me laugh the whole time!


All in a days work

It is not enough to say that I had a great time back east. I loved the time I spent there. Not only because I was in a place filled with history and beautiful places to take pictures. But because I met some of the cutest families while I was there. These little guys were so fun. I had the chance to spend time with each of them one on one. Time to get shots like these!

Three that charmed!

How adorable are these three boys? They each just caught my heart the more time I spent with them. The same friend that had me come out to visit her in DC, had me do these pictures. They are the children of her neighbor and the pictures are a surprise. I felt it was safe to put them here since I sadly never got to meet the women that had such adorable, well behaved, fun children. The first, in the blue is the oldest, the other two are twins. I also fell in love with the Railroad tracks we shot on. Sadly, we were asked to find another place to finish our shoot. But lucky for us I had remembered driving past this amazing path. It can be a challenge to shoot in locations you aren't familiar with. But how could I go wrong with these three handsome boys?

Forget Brown Eyed Girl, look at this handsome boy

A very amazing friend that I hadn't seen in far too long invited me out to visit her and her family and to take some pictures of her amazingly adorable children. Of course I was honored to do so. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I mean how could I know just how cute this little brown eyed boy would be? I honestly just melted every time I looked into his chocolate brown eyes. I had such a great time that weekend.