Better Late then never....

Life can be funny sometimes.  I received a call from a referral that wanted pictures done of baby cousins for a set of Grandparents for Christmas.  When I showed up to do the pictures I found that I went to school with one of the mothers.  It was great catching up and seeing how beautiful her and hers sisters were.  They all have the most beautiful babies.  It was fun even if we didn't get that ONE amazing shot of the three babies together, we sure did get some fun shots.





Quick Trips

This family didn't have time for a full session so I did a quick one so the could get pictures out before the holidays.  Instead of my usual two hour shoot we did this in one in about 40 minutes and they ended up with so many pictures they loved.  Here is just a sample 


Grandparents sure do love them.

These grandparents really love these kids.  I have so much fun getting these fun kind of shots with people.  Just real moments.
This little guy was so proud of his BRAND new kicks.  

Stopping to smell the flowers


Big families are fun!

I have to admit that I was a little worried about getting enough great shots of this larger family. More people plus little ones makes it hard to get those really special shots. But I was so happy with the outcome of this shoot. There were so many great shots. Here are some of the ones the family really liked.


Busy little family

These amazing parents have triplets and a toddler.  I have no idea how they do it.  I was tired just watching them.  But oh how fun it was to spend some time with this family.  The kids are so cute and very well behaved.  It's hard to get four kids four and under to look at the same time, let alone smile too!  

I wish my kids were this good.

I was so impressed with how well behaved these kids were.  These were by far the easiest kids I've ever had in front of my lens.  I had never met the family but was so thankful they found me.  I hope they had as much fun as I did.  Such a great little family.  You could just feel how much they love each other.  

Is she not the cutest little thing?

These are some friends of mine that I had the privilege of capturing on camera.  Sometimes I feel so lucky to have such amazing clients to shoot.  I mean such adorable families with these amazingly adorable kids.  This little button didn't want to sit still.  And yet we got these amazing shots.  

They don't get much better