Fun family

I always worry when I have a shoot with small children. Only because my own seem to have such a hard time listening to me when I ask them to take pictures. But this fabulous family was so great. I wish my own two year old would smile and have fun like this little guy did. The older kids were just wonderful. It was so fun to finally meet the whole family. I've met the mom a few times and have always thought so much of her. She does a great job with her kids.

Amazing how a much they change in a year.

Here is another familiar family. I had a great time this year once again. I love it when I know a family and we can joke and have a good time. As you can see this family is so adorable. I'm so happy when I have clients that become my friends.

New addition to familiar faces

Last year I met this adorable family. The boys were not all that excited about pictures. We will just say that it took some work last year.
When I received a call this year to shoot this family again I was so excited to hear there was a new addition to the family! It was cold and the weather threatened us almost the whole time. But they were so fun. The boys seemed to be much more understanding of what was going to happen. It is always so much fun to see familiar smiling faces.

I said last year no more

I really did say last year that I wasn't going to try to take pictures of my own kids again. For one we can't have family pictures this way. And two, they just don't seem to listen to me! All in all the pictures aren't horrible. I just couldn't seem to get my boys to smile a normal smile for the life of me. Oh well. At least I now have them and can say it's done. They are darn cute kiddos! Of course I am a little bias.