The "R" Girls

I had so much fun with these Beautiful girls the other day.  They are the daughters of my youngest's preschool teacher.  I love that she wanted to get some shots of her girls as they get older and change.  These sisters were so fun and funny.  I love how if I needed a little extra smile I could count on them to get the other laughing.  They were instantly comfortable with the camera.  I'm not sure who had more fun, me or them.  They really did prove to me how much I missed out on not having a sister.  You can just tell how much these girls love each other!


The Mc Family

Miss "E" was such a delight to spend my afternoon with.  Mom had been working with her on her pretty smiles, and boy did she have fun with them.  I've loved "E" since meeting her.  She is full of some super spunk!  She is a girl that knows what she likes, that's for sure.  I enjoyed visiting with this family here in California this summer.  They were our first visitors.  It was great to go back to AZ and have the chance to photograph them (not to mention catch up a little).

The N Family

You know those people you met in life that you just instantly know you'll get along with.  Well this mom was one of those people for me.  She is just the nicest person and we really did just bond instantly.  It might have helped that our kids were the same age.  But really I think it was because she is just the type of person that anyone would be drawn to.  I had so much fun shooting this cute family.  The littlest, Miss "A" really gave me a run for my money.  She wanted nothing to do with picture taking.  So we had to work around her needs :)